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Frequently Asked Questions

For Aetertek Dog Training Collar:

1)  Are Aetertek dog training collars safe for pets?

Yes.  If it's properly used.  While the stimulation is unpleasant, it is harmless to your pet.  E-Collars require interaction and training from the owner to achieve desired results.

2)  Can I use the training collars on aggressive dogs?

We don't recommend any of our products to be used on aggressive dogs.  If you are not sure if you need a training collar for your aggressive dog, consult your veterinarian or a a certified trainer.

3)  How do I get started training my dog?

Aetertek dog training systems  comes with an user's manual containing on how to use the product, how to set-up the product and some basic training tips on how to properly use the product.

4)  What age should my dog be before I can begin start training my dog?

Your pet should be old enough to recognize basic commands approximately 4 to 6 months old.

5)  My dog is not responding to the E-Collar.

Make sure the receiver is on.

Test the stimulation of the receiver with the test light.

Make sure the contact points of the receiver are making skin contact.

Increase the level of intensity.

Ensure proper fit.  Collar fit should be snug, allowing 1 finger to fit between the end of the contact point and the the dog's neck.

If necessary, trim the dog's fur where the contact points touches the dog's neck.

6)  The E-Collar has reduced range.

Try training your dog in a different area.

Replace the transmitter battery and re-charge the receiver.

Note:  The range of the dog training system will vary according to terrain.

7)  My dog is showing signs of skin burn or skin irritation, what is causing this?

This very rare incident occurs when the collar is worn longer than designed.  We recommend it not to be worn more than 12 hours.  Please discontinue using the E-Collar until the affected are has healed and consult a veterinarian if necessary.  

Proper fit of the collar is very important.  An E-Collar worn for too long, or made too tight on the dog's neck may cause skin damage called bed sores.   If not addressed, bed sores can worsen, turning into condition known as pressure necrosis. Moving the collar every 1 or  2 hours may help.  

Do you still have questions?  Email us via We will answer your email within few hours.

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