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VELTIC HEALTH Vitagor Capsules Extra Strength for Men 5Capsules(加拿大VELTIC HEALTH 植物伟哥 5粒入 男士专用)

$10.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

 Fix Shipping Fee CA$10 ,Free shipping if order over CA$78, cover All Canada/USA/ Main Land of China.  Please remember to entry coupon code Y72ZT4XKZG to get free shipping when you check out and order over CA$78.

固定费加幣$10,订单满加幣$78免邮,配送地區覆蓋全加拿大/美国地區/中國大陸地區,結帳時如購買金額超過CA$78,記得輸入coupon code Y72ZT4XKZG 以取得免運費優惠.





Sexual dysfunction is a growing emphasis in men and women.  Disease, premature ejaculation, and impotence are the most common manifestations of sexual dysfunction.  They are not unique to modern man.  Only the requirements of modern quality of life rising, sexual dysfunction becomes an urgent issue to highlight.

Sexual function can also be said to be the “movement” kind.  Its function “movement” whether strong or weak has a direct relationship between the frequencies.  The body’s movement or not, there is an indirect relationship! The “kidney deficiency” is a unique traditional Chinese medicine theory.  Almost all declines in body function of each system can be summarized in the “kidney deficiency.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes that people with generally good health may need this treatment due to some chronic diseases, “kidney deficiency” theory this can assist in the healing process of this medical condition.  Each person in the normal development of mature sexual functions is normal.  What appears to happen is sexual dysfunction because they end up having sex because of the wrong body caused by neurological dysfunction, endocrine imbalance.

Today, in the market we see lots of promotions due to the “make organ erection ability.”  Reason being is the “cut off the enzyme prevent the destruction of sexuality” for the role, but it is for the role, but is a temporary in nature for the restoration of sexuality is not helping and will produce numbness of the negative consequences.

VELTIC HEALTH Revita Capsules Ingredients are

The main ingredient is made of natural plant “Tongkat Ali” which coverts the growth of Indo-China Peninsula, the Malay Peninsula, in Indonesia and Malaysia, found in the Rainforest Mountains.  Tongkat in Islamic text means “a walking stick”, and Ali means the uncle.  “Tongkat Ali” means to Uncle Cane.  These people have since used it as a crutch to restore health.  Research shows that it is the plant’s chemical composition that promotes the production of testosterone to enhance the male hormones, and it also helps the genital organs and hormones on brain development.

VELTIC HEALTH Revita Capsules

Indonesia, Malaysia, during ancient times, people then put it “back to health” and rejuvenate and/or “natural aphrodisiac".  The extracts also enhance physical strength and vitality.  Vitality reduces fatigue, and more. In addition to Tongkat Ali, This capsules contain Carthamoides Extract, Siberian Ginseng, Grape Seed, Rhodiola Rosea and other natural sexual function and antioxidant ingredients which are safe and effective.  It stimulates your body into recession so that endocrine balances, restores your sexual function, and takes you back to your youth.

Taking the VELTIC HEALTH  Revita Capsules not only improves sexual function, but also gives you back your energy.  It helps to restore sexual function, rather than long-term reliance on!

Please use the Lanlay Revitalizing Cream in addition to remove the prostate hypertrophy caused by urinary frequency and urinary incontinence. The increased use of Lanlay  Revitalizing Cream outside the anal massage will reduce premature ejaculation, to extend the movement of time.  Trust me, you can make It!


Take one capsule with at least 8 oz. of water, one or two hours before work, exercise, or sex.

Can Take 1 capsule per 3-4 days and don't take more than 2 capsules per week.


Do not use if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease.

Keep out of the reach of children




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Fix Shipping Fee CA$10 ,Free shipping if order over CA$78, cover All Canada , USA and China.
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